Monday, February 27, 2017

An Ice Cream Called Earth

The clouds are like vanilla.
While the land tastes like green tea.
The soil seems like a chocolate
While the blue ocean looks like a gum.

The edge is melting
while there's no gravity 
But the water keeps dropping
Meanwhile the ice is decreasing

It is earth
An ice cream from milky way
A panoply taste of an ice with a cream
It's melting and screaming
but the world is just starring
and the stars are only watching

Beijing, 27/02/2017

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Thursday, February 09, 2017

FIRST SEMESTER COURSE REVIEW: Master of Civil Engineering

Schoole of Civil Engineering, Department Buidling. SOurce: Author 2016
 For the intake of Autumn (2017), here I will review and describe some of course taken for the first semester in School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Beijing Jiaotong University. Taking the course that requires a 32 credits to graduate until graduation. Meanwhile the first semester takes 19 credits and has a total of 9 Course. This consist of 7 Major course and 2 additional language Course.
In this article, I will share some description regarding to the courses that I have taken and what I think about it. Not too deep but at least it could be a reference for some other students that plan to take this major.

As we know that Civil Engineering is a very general major related to infrastructure. I can not imagine, that the civil engineering in this university is mainly focusing for the underground and substructure civil engineering field. Even though, the research field still depends on what we plan to do base on what we like to conduct.

Civil Engineering Doodle. Author 2016
For the main course, it will help the students in understand more to the major field of Civil engineering. Here are the courses:

Advance Soil Mechanics
3 credits. Before it, undergraduate students use to study about Soil Mechanics that consist of This is a continuous course which provide materials about soil and ground behavior which is very usefull if engineers would like to conduct a project. This is the beginning process of knowing the Substructure analysis before building a foundation, tunnel, building etc. The main key is that the soil has a very important matter for the base of the buildings above. This course will share about the experiments that has to be done for analyzing a ground or soil.

Advance Concrete Materials
The course takes a 2 credits out of all. The materials that is used mainly in the construction is concrete materials. This consist of coarse Aggregates, water, sand, and some admixture if its need. Every single components used for concretes will be discussed in the lecture. Overall, we are aimed to understand the macro to micro structure of concrete materials.

Bridge Engineering
This course consist of 2 credits which mainly discuss about the introduction of bridge engineering. The types, part and understanding of how to design a Bridge structure will be presented in the lectures. At the end a group project to design a case of Bridge will be the requirements for graduation.

Dynamics Structures
An earthquake that effects a building structure needs a mathematical analysis on how to resist. The use of Damper will be one of solution for the structure response. This course that contains 2 credits will be compulsory for structure analysis.

Elastic and Rock Mechanics
Tunneling engineering is one of scope in the field of civil engineering. Before the structure built, the understand to the geotechnical matters should  be investigated and needs a deep surveying including the soil and rocks. This course will help in identifying the survey for Rock, Rock mass, and rock project of a site before the infrastructure is built in the site. Because this course is the fundament of the whole construction process, namely ground matters, it consist of 3 credits.

Numerical Modelling 
3 Credits will be attached in this course. It will be very usefull to  use programming and software in engineering purpose. This course will provide the analysis of materials using numerical approach that includes soft wares using Abaqus CAE and Plaxis as a basic. The Finite Element Method approach is used in this course. In the end, the student will be given a task to solve a geotechnical problem using the two softwares.

Random Vibration
The structure will be complex when vibration from wind, earthquake or fluid effects it. The vibration here are studied using a mathematical approach related to the waves and graphs resulted. While the vibration that happens is not constant, this course will help us understand about the random effect to building that is uncertain for some related time.

Comprehensive Chinese 1
Here the students learn the basic Chinese including pinyin and some basic Chinese characters for level 1 chinese language. It is mostly speaking and writing lectures that are reviewed. This course will be useful for basic conversation and to survive along the life in china using chinese language.

Comprehensive Chinese Listening and Speaking
This course is related to the first Chinese conducted course. But this session is morely to listening and speaking materials. This is useful to help us adapt with the basic Chinese language for basic level Purpose.

Above are the course that is conducted. For the next term/semester, there will be 7 Course which consist of 4 Major Course related to Civil engineering, and 3 additional course related to Chinese program. The course will be Tunnel Mechanics, Track Engineering, Steel Structures, Model Analysis, Chinese speaking, Introduction to Chinese Culture, and Information Retrieval.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

See the Night & Sea

Live Sketch "Night & Sea". Dewan, 2017
Dear the Poem & Sketches,
Dear the people with warm heart
as like the ocean.
Between the night and Blue Sea

Dark Without light
But the waves keep shouting
some feel the rocks clapping
some feel the sand whispering

See what is the sea
the night without light
but the silence makes it bright
what you see is not the sea

Depends on what you see
between the night or the sea
the sound of the shadows
while the movement of the waves

Clear, when you'r stuck in a memory
Leave when it is dark,
while stay when it is a good mark.
Just like the Night & Sea.

Drown by the night or relish the Sea
See while its dark, or listen while it's silence
See the Night & Sea
It depends on how you perceive

Warm Regards,
From the dreamer between the Night & Sea (ADP)

Small City, (Once Known as Batavia)

Tuesday, 8th of February 2017

The Bay Sketch, 2017

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Memimpin Kota

Live Sketch: Jalanan Ibukota diantara Jalan Igusti Ngurahrai

Inilah Jakarta
Sekarang bukanlah lagi Oud Batavia
Ialah Jakarta, semua tak nampak sama
saling berlomba mengisi celah

Kota menjadi pusat yang ditengok media
Ibukota, bukan sekadar soal bangunan
Bukan juga soal jalanan
Namun soal tangisan di balik kolong jembatan

Hunian vertikal mencoba jadi senjata
Sementara pulau diam-diam melebar tak merata
lalu kasus ramai oleh sorotan mata
Katanya, Ibukota ini topangan bangsa
tapi Kota ini rapuh bagai mainan negara

Suhu disini 32 derajat Celcius
Panas secara angka
semakin panas oleh sandiwara
Panggung yang dihiasi tiga pasangan Ibukota

Jawaban ada pada penduduk kota
Masa depan digenggam oleh Suara
pemimpin yang dipilih adalah tanggung jawab kita
Maka kitalah bagian dalam memimpin Kota

Malaka Sari, Jakarta, 8/2/2017

Live Sketch 2017. Senayan

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