Sunday, September 05, 2021

Pin it: Don’t Judge a book from its Cover

Bunch of Books, By Author: 2020

A general thing that we many hear in many quotes for respecting each other. Even in some Dharmann studios Contents if you may search, this key quotes has been the content for some of their short films. Generally it’s trying to say that we are not supposed to think something the way it seems. Probably, there are many untold stories behind that might don’t seem like it used to be like.

Especially to think positively, the meaning of ‘don’t judged the book by its cover’ will in some case drives people to think that there is always a reason for what is happening. Also, sometimes we need to get to know more then can judge it by our own. Not just by seeing and experiencing it for a while and do as we know it all already.

As like a book, a dirty pale book might look bad, but if we haven’t seen the content yet, maybe it still has so many epic and valuable things inside of it as we read it deeply. This analogy will be the same as our way of life. Whether to nature, between humans, or also what happens on the rest of our life.

Between humans, as we have to respect no matter who they are and how they look like, or even how they seems like and why would they do as. There is a reason and always a story for what they have. So, never think it badly especially negatively as we have not read and know all of the things inside.

Also the main reason of life, the way it happens, and the result we get. Allah knows the best for all its creation to happen on what’s the best. But generally, we as humans will only judge the good things that may happen as the best for them. How about what seems bad happens, we’ll think that it’s all bad, but then we forget that even the bad things will be the best thing that may happen as Allah is the best planner of the life.

So no matter what happens, don’t judge the book by its cover, and think for all the good things that may be in the book.

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Friday, August 06, 2021

Epilogue: Working in The High Speed Railway Project

At this time, 3 Pm, Jakarta Time, Im currently thinking of writing a bit of my personal carrier life after I graduate. This day is Friday, so rare because today, no meetings regarding to my work. So finally, I decide to write a bit that might be a further story for this world. Currently, Im working in the Jakarta Bandung High Speed Railway, more to the Consultant Design from China. Luckily, my previous University has played a great role for me in being in this Railway Company.

Well, my previous University in China is well known as a transportation University. Meanwhile, I graduated from the school of Civil Engineering and Architecture. This department even has a train replica in front of its building faculty, so no wonder the graduates mostly are involved in a related train stuffs. Therefore, the name of my university plays a great role in my position of career right now. Even there's a day where my teacher went to visit the company and met me.

For a brief introduction, well this project is name As The Jakarta Bandung High-speed Railway (JBHSR) which is one of the first High-speed railway in South East Asia. This consist of many companies including the construction, signaling, electric, government, consultant, supervision, all between Indonesia and China. With a joint named High Speed Railway Consortium (HSRCC) which I guess consist of more than ten companies from the two countries. This is as one of the answer for the Belt, Road Initiatives or well known as "One belt, one road."

So, when we all decide to be here, prepare to get your circle bigger and unknown. This will be possible as you will be connected to many kind of majors and companies that are involved to this project. So its not only to meet different kind of person, but also different kind of company, sectors and majors. Possible things might happen in your job desk.

Walini Tunnel, 2020

The Buildings are Everywhere

I am currently in the Building Department since the beginning of my work. It supposed to focus only on architecture matter, even though Im a civil engineer. But I think the Chinese people consider me to fit on the esthetic as the structure matters are more complicated than we imagine. Yeah, but dont think it wrong, we still need to connect between the architecture, Structure, and even MEP (Mechanical, Electricity, and Plumbing) matters.

The majors are all connected somehow, even outside the building department, we should also follow up to other major including roadbeds, tracks, tunnel, bridge, signalling etc. All is one. And we have to be ready to be ready to not dive in only one focus, but even being a generalistic might give more impact to this problem.

Next, the project of this 142,9 Kilometers long has so many section. For building Department, we are in charge in the Station which consist of Halim, Karawang, Walini, Padalarang, and also Tegalluar. More over, the Depot Tegalluar is also our responsibility, In addition, the auxiliary buildings are also our scopes ahead. And finally, the Interval buildings which is the signaling House scattered along the tracks are also the buildings with a total more than 70 points.

We can imagine on how this mega project is complicated enough to involve so many parties. One motivation that pops out from my head is that we should be grateful and keep firing. As remember, this is the way we can contribute for our country as this is one of the National Strategic Project for Indonesia. And what we're expecting is to do so many transfer knowledge beside, especially take the positive points, and forget about the negative things. That is how life goes on positively.

 6th of August 2021, Annisa Dewanti Putri, 天蓝,

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Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Sirenes Everywhere: There'll be always a Hope

To see how Life still worth it to be fighting For. Author, May 2021

Hope. Its something nowadays people will keep to survive in this kind of a year. Note, that within today and after, as you can survive the condition of this pathicfull endemic, then be grateful, it is something that many people has been taking care of.

If you are an indonesian, then you probabily understand how the sound of sirenes that rangs every single time or even each hour of a time. Feeling locked down. But still have to ensure that this kind of condition is not the best that people might encounter.

In every single stories, the people have they're own struggle in facing this global pandemic which it hasnt end untill this time Im writting some of the perspectives about them. Tell, some struggle with their breath as the Virus has threaten their lungs and bodies.

Besides, the virus has attacked them with different kind of symptons, while some may survive in their own house, while some can not take it still and currently need some specific treatment. In Which these days, the hospital and medical treatment are all full of what we call as overload patience.

The medical resource are out of range, as they cannot fullfill the demands from the society with specific treatments. The patients are scattered, as the conditions are more than worse. When can people see blue and green which matters. As the beautifull air are what the things we are looking.

This so called pandemic may traumatized many people medically, physically, even deeply. As in this kind of situation, many of their loved ones passed away due to this condition of pandemic. Who knows, the people that seems okay will in some case hit by this kind of disease. Feeling hurt, or even, these days we easly get sad and sorrow news from the people of our circles.

Its something more over getting possible and more possible. To be strong and gratefull is something that we must keep. To be thankfull of what we have, rather than what we lost. A condition where we must be aware and struggle more for the possibilty that might happen.

Until now, who you are, you are the strong one that can make it till now. And remember to be strong for the others, as we are on this together.

It is You, the strongest person that you can imagine you are.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Childhood Memories: Playing In the Park

Thankyou Mama Papa for making memories With me

That time, it felt like real. But now, it feels like a dream. As usual, mom woke me up, reminding all of us to go pack our stuffs and go to school. As usual, every day me and my lil brother watchs the continously cartoon which started from Pokemon till hey arnold. Always, nickelodeon is the part of our television memories.

Mom gave us a super delicious choco milk before school. We left her like its just a small range of time. We enjoyed school like we never felt pressured. Doing our class which we like, and as usuall always, my bro is always in the same school with me. Thats why Im always feeling that he's like a twin to me.

Back again home, mommy as always treat us very well and healthy. She smiles and get mad at the same time but yes her instinct never fails us to love her coz she loves us so much. In the evening,  it was always a great day as mom sometimes brings us to take a walk in the park. The memories are still stuck quitely in this head.

It just felt like yesterday. The park was behind the residential complect, in which we just need a little walk to reach it. We enjoyed the time day by day and that time, iv never realized that actually mom has kept so many struggle and hard feelings in her life. Its just that she is too strong hiding between her smile and beautifull face until now.

Playing in the park makes us free like kids that has found its own wonderland to be discovered together. My brother is always a partner for me since childhood as we always share many stuffs together. Even the dolls and cars are always our friends.  I remembered that his favorite doll is Thomas the train and Tasmania.

While for me, i really like the piglet doll and i have many favorite other ones which i always bring it when we have a flight. Back to the park, the grass are soft, sands are laying brown trying to say that its okay to fall coz it doesnt hurt in the sandbox.

We enjoyed the singles space, as mom brought us home. Giving us time to wait for daddy. He usually a person that we always greet when the bell rang. And yes, our small family in a small town out there created simple joy of happiness and memories. 

Till now, even I looked that its not the same. Their hairs are turning white, they oftenly talk alot, and even they are suffering in some sickness. I will always remember and pray for them. Because they are the story of our life.

When i memorized the stories,

16th of June 2021

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Relativity of Emotion

relativity of emotion. By: resketsa, 2021

Once upon a time. The enermous wound may not feel any pain, while the tiny wound might felt like triple pain. Back again, its all about relativity. Once upon a time, we can say that this kind of emotion means alot to some people, while the others thinks its simple thing. Back again, the relativity of emotion.

A single simple joy from a kid might comes from a smile from a cat. Yeah, the cat can not smile as we see like in the cartoon. But their meow says that its smiling. The kid is happy and enjoys the fluffy pet. It might be different with those people eating while the cat jumps to get what is pleasured dined in the plate. It might be a disaster for their feelings. Yeah abit talking like this "Inside out" animation. Yes, its relativity emotion.

It might make us realize, that once we can not underestimate what everyone feels of something we maybe dont feel. Its scary for some people, while its exciting for us. Something different, cause we know that every one is special and not the same. This inlcudes the relativity of Emotion.

Im writing this for a reminder for myself also, that respect to every creatures emotion and feelings as it is a part of respect to ourself. We may not expect that in someday, our body, our heart or even our thoughts are in the same position on the people that we might not understand, but yeah that time will make us totally understand. Again, its the power of "The Relativity of Emotion."

This makes us realize, that no matter what happens, in what position, whenever we are, whereever we are, appreciate one another even we're not in the same point. Because we realize that each point of coordinate this world are totally different. Its the coordinat of X, Y, and Z. Which this also create Relativity, and this also include the relativity of emotion.

Simple thoughts of 26th of March 2021

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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Segores Tradisi dan Kekinian sentuhan Arsitektur Bali


Sketsa Digital Legian, Bali. Oleh: Penulis 2021

Bali, sebuah tempat yang identik jika memperkenalkan Indonesia dan menjadi trendmark antar benua. Pariwisata budaya, sebuah positioning untuk pengembangan. Undang-undang yang berlaku untuk pelaksanaan dengan pemerintah. Kabupaten Badung, dibangunlah Bandara Igusti Ngurahrai sebagai bentuk jawaban untuk arsitektur Bali, desain ini kurang lebih juga setipikal dengan desain bandara Internasional lain termasuk Bandara Internasional Soekarno Hatta.

Ada sebuah ungkapan pengetahuan antara arsitektur Bali yang mengangkat salah satunya Asta Kosala Kosali berupa keharmonisan kepada alam dan budaya lokal melingkupi kenyamanan dalam berkegiatan bahkan keamanan dalam melakukan kegiatan disana.

Arsitektur Bali cenderung menyentuh konsep dasar dari sustainable construction dan eco materials. Dalam Asta Kosala Kosali juga ada penjelasan bahwa bangunan berlantai dua di bali yaitu Jineng, ataupun Gelebeg berfunsgi sebagai penyimpanan hasil Bumi.

Kedua konsep Asta Kosala-Kosali maupun Asta Bhumi meruapakan bagian dari aturan yang berkaitan dengan filosofi, etika, tata laku dan sang arsitek (Undagi). Ini adalah sebuah karakteristik yang diselipkan dalam sentuhan bangunan dan arsitek tradisional Bali. Terkhusus Asta Bhumi, pemilihan lokasi untuk pariwisata dan tempat tinggal bisa menjadi pertimbangan yang menyatu dengan alam.

Arsitektur modernnya pun tidak kalah dalam mendominasi desain yang adad dengan tidak melupakan sentuhan seni lokal dan budaya pesona Bali. Gaya desain dengan diselingi nuansa tropical dan natural, tetap dengan material berteknologi dan modern, bangunan yang tidak didominasi oleh bangunan High Rise atau berlantai tinggi, tetap menjadi langgam desain kearah horizontal yang nyaman.

Beberapa karya dan desain diantaranya juga menerapkan principal arsitektur bergaya bebas. Semua ini dikombinasikan atau pun diadopsi dari gaya yang ada di dunia baik yang dalam negeri maupun mancanegara. Hal ini pun pernah dituturkan oleh Pak Putu Edy Semara, seorang arsitek Bali. Hal ini banyak ditemukan agar terjadi penyesuaian dalam penggunaan desain untuk sector pariwisata dan untuk mendukung daya nyaman dalam hospitality yang mana Warga Asing menjadi target.

Tentunya, ruang tradisional di Indonesia bisa menjadi warna dalam setiap gaya yang dimiliki langgam arsitektur tradisional lokal dan dunia. Kombinasi dari berbagai gaya dan pendeketan akan menjadi keunikan dari setiap sentuhan gores yang ada dalam setiap desainnya.

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Friday, February 12, 2021

Sketsa untuk National Gathering 2021

 2021. Masuk ke angka tahun baru yang mana ekspektasi banyak orang, tahun ini bisa jadi perbaikan dari tahun 2020 yang menjadi tahun pandemi dan perjuangan dari berbagai manusia yang ada di dunia. Begitupula untuk Indonesias Sketcher. Gathering atau skechwalking yang biasanya dilakukan secara langsung kali ini jadi digelar secara online melalui perangkap, peserta atau sketchers tak hanya berasal dari daerah tetangga atau Jabodetabek, tapi juga seluruh Indonesia.

Pada 31 Januari 2021 adalah kali kedua dari Online National Gathering yang diadakan oleh Indonesian Sketchers. Aku sebagai admin tentunya ikut meramaikan bersama para seniorku disana melingkupi Om Donal, Mbak Luven, Pak Pongky, Mas Yanuar, Mas Ronald, Mba Arya dkk. Ini adalah kesempatan emas bisa belajar bersama para profesional, sementara kemampuan sketchingku masih lah sebatas amatir dan hobi.

Kembali lagi, karena gathering sketching kali ini bersifat online, maka sekarang telah menarik banyak minat untuk peserta mancanegara. Tersebutlah ada yang dari Malaysia, China, Australia, Taiwan, dll. Mereka ikut bergabung bersama sesi meet up dan sketch on the spot di masing-masing wilayah. Sungguh asyik dan meningkatkan semangat keinginan ku untuk menyeketsa kembali apa yang ada di sekitar.

Sepintas, kami juga belajar untuk berbagi apa yang sudah kami lukis dan bisa ceritakan secara reportase apa yang ada di spot tujuan kita saat itu. Tersebutlah aku saat itu mengambil lokasi menyeketsa di Tahura atau Taman Hutan raya, wilayah bandung. Dua objek yang berhasil ku sketsa, ialah Goa Jepang dan Jembatan Gantung Hutan. Dengan sedikit perjuangan hujan-hujan dan sinyal putus hilang, akhirnya dua objek ini menjadi kisah di balik sketsa yang nampak di buku.

Acara online gathering ini adalah permulaan dari perjalanan yang akan datang berikutnya.  Sebuah komunikasi yang bersifat nasional dan internasional untuk melukis yang ada di penjuru bumi. Inilah Indonesian Sketcher dan Urban Sketcher. "We draw what we witness."


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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Menapaki Bumi: Antologi tentang Lingkungan

Berisi refleksi atas seluk beluk peradaban, dalam berbagai bentuk kreativitas. Segala bentuk ekspresi dituangkan sepenuh hati dengan satu tujuan, memupuk dan menularkan semangat peduli lingkungan. Tercetaknya antologi ini menjadi pemantik Greentastik untuk melakukan aksi lainnya. Talenta tidak menjadi batas. Tidak tersekatkan pula oleh ruang dan waktu. Semua orang dengan berbagai latar belakang bisa bergerak bersama untuk memberikan dampak baik bagi peradaban. Apa pun aksinya, sekalipun tampak sederhana pasti mengandung nilai positif.

Sebuah buku berjudul "Menapaki Bumi" karya Annisa Dewanti Putri, dkk (@jannehillary)

Harga Rp. 53.000,-
Dapatkan potongan harga khusus Pre-Order hingga 25 Desember 2020 menjadi hanya Rp. 48.000,- saja.
Mari segera dipesan :)


======= CARA PEMESANAN =======
Whatsapp atau SMS ke 081774845134

atau pesan melalui message FB atau IG @JejakPublisher ( dengan format pemesanan:

Judul Buku/Jumlah Buku/Nama Pemesan/Alamat Lengkap/No HP

Contoh: Menapaki Bumi/2/Budi Hartono/Jln Jenderal Sudirman No 4, Sukabumi 43355/081234567

Setelah mendapat balasan konfirmasi, silahkan transfer harga buku + ongkos kirim sesuai alamat yang telah dituju ke rekening. Lalu kirimkan bukti tanda transfernya melalui balasan pesan/whatsappnya.

KATEGORI BUKU: Non Fiksi – Umum, Pengetahuan, Lingkungan
JUDUL BUKU: Menapaki Bumi
PENULIS: Annisa Dewanti Putri, dkk
DESAIN SAMPUL: Irish Design dan Janne Hillary
PENERBIT: CV Jejak (Jejak Publisher), anggota IKAPI
DIMENSI: 14 x 20 cm
ISBN: 978-623-247-762-9
E-ISBN: 978-623-247-763-6

1 Abdul Goffar Al Mubarok
2 Annisa Dewanti Putri
3 Arum Setyarini
4 Elisa Bertilla IL
5 Elvina
6 Erninda Patriani
7 I Made Wahyu Wijaya
8 Janne Hillary
9 Millennia Agatha Suharjito
10 Novita Nugraheni
11 Rahmatia
12 Rista Setiami
13 Syarah Fadhillah

#Buku #JejakPublisher #AnnisaDewantiPutri #Greentastik #JanneHillary #Lingkungan #MenapakiBumi #NonFiksi #Pengetahuan #Umum

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