Friday, December 05, 2014

Ancient Sketch (The ruins and the sacred Space)

Here are some of my sketches that I categorize as the ancient ones. The most important thing, before the architecture really forms the civilization of this world.

Ancient buildings that expose beautifull sense of architecture always gives a different taste of Wastu Citra  as Mangunwijaya said. The wastus which we are talking here are about the ancient architecture. A common theme running through many of the early structures that are built was made as some religious object. Stonehenge, Ziggurats, Giza, are some of the examples. And here I sketched some of what I think the precious ancient objects from some place.

Kaaba, The Most Sacred Space.

It is not purely called as an ancient building even it is built befor century. But the most amazing thing that I see is this simple design that really unites us (moslems in the world). I never forget to say Subhanallah after seeing this Masjidil Haram in Mecca
. A building that has a power as the sacred point.

Blandongan Temple

This ruins really describes what Ruins in Indonesia are commonly look like. Still in the site, the view that I got before sketching is a bit messy. But the beauty of this temple replace all the mess. This temple is  Located in Batu Jaya Site, Karawang. A place full of various myths that maybe helps to describe what this temple is. 

Persepolis, the Old Iran

A sketch of the ruins of persepolis. City of the persians. The pillars are the ones that stand stills and shows the true strenght of a column in the ancient Structures. This ruins Begin as a single palace, it grew into a vast complex of colossal, post and lintel palaces. The angle that I got is based on Sutherland Lyalls book of "World Architecture."



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