Friday, April 22, 2016

A Poem for 1430

From 30 Stars that Shine the brightest
One day the two little stars met
Not crushing like a car
The one feels different
From a same Universe but from a different galaxy
18 million miles far away

Hard to meet, but the stars has its starlight
A speed-light with will
Using the energy
Crossing the horizon
Even the lights fade
But the lights still sparks

Just like a wide ocean
from a different flow,
But why could that algae meet
Its just like what 1:117 said
Be, Let it be
As the sky meets the earth

14 little bees bumbling together
making a noise and searching for a honey
sting while to make the others survive
they left but not in vein
Let the prayer be
The name that should be spoken inside
The best that is given
The positive atmosphere that may happen
The true love that only we can say in the end
Maybe now in a different way,
but hoping in the end to be in a same path
Where we met the stars, bees and algae scattered
Where we met the sky and earth together

Duren Sawit, 14th of August 2015.


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