Sunday, July 17, 2011

1. It is a truism in AYF that the youth, young as they are, matter in many ways.

This is what I answer to AYF9 , unfortunetly, I didnt have my letter of reccomondation so I did cancel to join this forum .

1.1. It is a truism in AYF that the youth, young as they are, matter in many ways.
What are the three most important social issues do you consider? Being a member of the young population, what can you do to (help) solve it? (Please answer in max 200 words)

First social issue is Global warming. Well, my country has the highest activities of deforestration. As we know, Indonesia is one of country that has a big zone of forest. The fact is that The total forest area in the world is about 4 billion hectares, which represents nearly 30 percent of the earth's land. Approximately 56 percent of these forests are located in tropical and subtropical regions and most of that charactiristic country are from Asia. My resolution for this problem is that we can make recommendation to establish a forest protection agency for youth. Where its members are youths in every region.

Second is the poverty. It’s a general problemm if we see it in Asia, as a yotuh we could hold a program an extension program about “Maximize our part of body and ability to decrease poverty”.
Third is the human rights. As a example,in Indonesia, Based on research supported by the United Nations (UN) for Problem Child (Unicef), there are still many children in Indonesia who get bad treatment. To face this problem,we could establish An Asia Kid Centre in every region, in each of the region, we can give service for children that are involved in violence.


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