Sunday, October 16, 2011

Answer for IYF

These are my short answer in IYF 2011
What do you expect from this forum? (Max. 200 words)

By participating this forum, we can pour our ideas to build our country and our world. My main priority is in the field of environmental protection, because as we know, Indonesia has many nature source that must be protected. Unfortunately, Indonesia environmental degradation and global warming has increased. From 1997 to 2000, indonesia lost about 3.5 million hectares per him. If we stay still and don’t do something, the damage could spread . My hope in joining this forum is to improve my knowledge in helping to take action to build the country in an effort to conserve the environment. Doing some Actions that can fully preserve the environment by using many ways in many fields. In this activity, I also hope that I can gather with the other people from different countries in terms of development of the MDG's. We could learn some different ways to succeed the MDGs program by working and discussing together with people from different regions.

Please describe your organization/Institution’s concerns (eg. Cultural preservation, youth development, students organization, etc. Max.200 words)

What I concern is about Cultural preservation. In fact that we could see many problems about cultural heritage. This is a problem that could turn some of countries conflicts. Some of them could be involved in this problem. What ecxactly we as youth could avoid this problem by implementing each of our cultural belongings to the next generations. So that there wo’nt be any misscomunications and missbelongings in cultural belongings. If each country has their own way to preserve their cultural belongings, than each of them could preserve their culture. Cultural preservations is a very important thing, this is one of the state properties beside the nature source that stand in their country. A world organization of Cultural preservation should be established, this helps us to know the different cultural belongings of each country.


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