Monday, December 21, 2015

New Age, New Inspiration: Happy Birthday Master

New Age, New Inspiration

New age,
where you revolve the sun again
New inspiration,
where you always climb the mountain

I was once a small particle
I never know what I'll reach
As you guide me to the tops of the pine tree
Make me believe that we shouldve always learn
learn how to gather the comets, the galaxy
Revolving around the sun for several years

365 days 
You have inspired lots of tiny stars
The stars that before are too tiny to shine
But, as you say it's gonna be fine
365 days has passed
New Age, New Inspiration
Welcome to your new age master

A sketch dedicated for you Sensei. Your Past where you get your master.
This historic campus full of inspiration

A very big apologize from me.
It's already 20th of December 2015. How shame I am. I forget that thirteen days before, it was my amazing Masters birthday. Congratulation in your new age sensei, Ibu Ririt Aprilin. May Allah SWT always bless you in this world and afterworld. In this moment I dedicate my random post, sketch  and my simple poem for you. Barakallah

Jakarta, 20/12/15


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