Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Question for Killing

Author: Annisa Dewanti Putri

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'Killing.' this is what bothers my mind every time I see the news from the media. 'Killing' which is easily done by just playing in a video game. I wander what do killers think about Killing. Do not ask the Psychopath, they probably have different answer and feelings about killing. 

What about the government, they maybe wont notice about the same idea between Killing using a Bomb or maybe Killing using their power force. Even corruption that ends in a poor people dying because of poverty. The corruptor even didn't realize about the impact of their act. It's still called 'Killing' indirectly.

A suicide? You maybe can ask a person that has killed himself, well even that's possible. Suicide maybe would be different then killing. It's more personal. 

Is 'Killing' one of  a form of freedom? Well if it is, then you should think that it's not. Freeing the souls from it's body, nope, Killers even don't feel what it's like before their real death. They manage to just like throw away what makes a human to a dead body. Think about Genocide, even a crowd of ants deserve to live. What about humans? They surely do. 

A life is something precious that appears in this world. While we never know the nominal price of someones life. Imagine about how a person could Kill a hundred people. How much should that person pay for their lives?

A question for killing should be addressed to the Killer itself. Death is not what they have been through. The easiest way to feel the suffer is when your beloved ones died, they maybe nearly could fear the death from their heart. But this is still uncertain. 

Cemetery and grave may sometimes reminds it. While the others meant it to be one of reason of killers revenge.  Yes, this might be a serial murder like in horror films. But, it's not about the drama. It's still about a question for 'Killing.'

It's a world that remains balance, but from this reason people tried to make a reason to stab others. To let them to death naturally is what happens in peace. But for this world full of domination, it is just like stepping ants and for that seems to not questioning 'Killing.'

Tears are just like rains. They seem not to be precious anymore. Media which highlights the blood of pain just made it like a spilled water. The more they tried to do so, the more they don't doubt about 'Killing.'

It might be different when they do so to survive to reverse their death from killers. They do have answers and no a question for 'Killing.' A single life is precious, what about a billion of lives? The main point of living is feeling. Then, if you are witting to kill, this means that you don't have feeling. 

Regarding to Al-Quran, we are all precious to Allah SWT, as said:

“Whoever slays a soul, unless it be for a manslaughter or for mischief in the land, it is as though he slew all men; and whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept alive all men.” 
(Surah al-Mā’ida 5:32)

Realizing that life is what someone can not create. Now, the answer is what you can feel. A single creature may create a domino effect, this means that a single creature may effect the entire life.

Jakarta, March 31, 2016


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