Wednesday, February 08, 2017

See the Night & Sea

Live Sketch "Night & Sea". Dewan, 2017
Dear the Poem & Sketches,
Dear the people with warm heart
as like the ocean.
Between the night and Blue Sea

Dark Without light
But the waves keep shouting
some feel the rocks clapping
some feel the sand whispering

See what is the sea
the night without light
but the silence makes it bright
what you see is not the sea

Depends on what you see
between the night or the sea
the sound of the shadows
while the movement of the waves

Clear, when you'r stuck in a memory
Leave when it is dark,
while stay when it is a good mark.
Just like the Night & Sea.

Drown by the night or relish the Sea
See while its dark, or listen while it's silence
See the Night & Sea
It depends on how you perceive

Warm Regards,
From the dreamer between the Night & Sea (ADP)

Small City, (Once Known as Batavia)

Tuesday, 8th of February 2017

The Bay Sketch, 2017


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