Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Urban Sketcher Beijing and Sketch walking

Urban Sketcher Beijing, 2017

The only thing that I know that once a person has a same passion with the others, there they'll create their own community with their same passion. As the time pass, the more people come and find them as a group. A strong community that helps to occupy their needs of same interests.

Community. This happens also in this bamboo country. We all gather together. Creating the bridge between what is meant to be documented, what we have seen and what happens among us. Every region now has its own chapter of this community. Discovering the city of Beijing, then do some live sketching.

Before the Urban Beijing Sketcher, I have once known the existence of the Indonesia Sketcher. This community has grown and has expanded to many chapters of others regional parts that has a same passion in sketching. For example, they have the Bogor Sketchers, Bandung Sketchers, and Jogjakarta Sketchers. They are all a part.

As like in China, they also have the same thing appeared. Every regional has their own agenda. Like the Urban Sketcher Beijing.
The community then all gather in a spot, then can freely choose a spot to make it as their angle for sketching. The angle are

Then after a couple of hours later, the sketchers are ought to gather and introduce the sketch that we make. This gives a common scene between all the sketchers. Sharing new perspectives and angles.
That is what happens every week. Finding a new spot and angle, then share with the others the different perspective and angle that may show another innovation of perspective.

This opens some of new perspective on how to sketch.

Beijing, 24th of October 2017


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