Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Live sketching while raining: Mosque Sketch

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Sketching against the rain.

Have i ever imagine how its hard to scratch a story between the rain.
Its seems like its a pain.
But again, its not about being chased by a train called rain.
But its about how you flow the line from your vein.
And from your vein to a paper which is still plain.

The qianbing seller has a story behind its food truck.
It seems he has sold a dozen of menu in this small space.
By just giving a smile, its not about money, but the passion that matters.
That is what happens even you are watercoloring beneath the rain.
afraid to let the rain wipe the shades and stain.
Yeah, lets learn from Mr.qianbing, the rain fighters, yet the rain lovers.
Why the rain lovers? Because i can use the rain drops to color the scratches 😀

0.8 mm, archival ink and watercolorset


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