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(A present for your birthday, a Jedi is human that becomes a real human)
By : Annisa Dewanti Putri (Your skywalker Mate)

20 Years ago, in a gallaxy far away, there lived a family that waits for a birth of a child. He was one of the super jedi with a superb power. His name is Awaniko. It was a mirror of one word that originated from a word of planet Napaj which means Big.

Awaniko Skywalker was once a best friend of Anakin skywalker. But, in the year of 4, they were seperated cause of the greedy Hutt the Jabba that made a horrifying rule. The rule was about not to be a part of  bestfriend if the two of them are Jedi. So, Awaniko left with  his family to planet Coruscant.

While Awaniko left, Anakin stayed at Planet Tatooine. Awaniko arrived in planet Coruscant in the year of 7th. Just like Anakin, He had not realize at that time that he was a jedi. Coruscant made him to be a great mechanic that is great in fixing or remaking an AT/ST, Cloud Car, Swoop Bike, Starship, podracer etc.

One day, his father saw a sketchbook full of sci fi vehicles which havent exist yet. “What kind of thing  have you designed in your skecthbook?” said his father. Awaniko just smiled and walked away hoping that he couldv make a vehicle or star ship that can work 10x of speed light. His purpose is to move in a unique planet that is far away from its gallaxy right know.

In the age of 18, Awaniko started to implement some of his design and some worked. That surprised the senator of Amdal. Senator Amdal gave him a reward and made the reward bigger if he invented a starship that can land to a unique planet with superb Civilization.

He worked hard, and in the year 19th he did it. The society were really proud of Awaniko, they then called him Awaniko, the big Skywalker. His mission to discover that planet starts. In the age of 19th, he take off using Majesty Jetstar City, the starship that he invented.

Awaniko and his crew began discovering the outer Gallaxy. They passed many challenges.  “Sacrifice and hardwork is a must in this ship and this life” said Awaniko to his crew.

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For one year they work hard, and finally, they found a blue green planet in that  Milky Way Gallaxy. They landed, and in the port, Awaniko met a person that is a like to him. She’s a human and a captain of that port too. At last, the civilization between the far gallaxy was traded and asimilated. Creating a new beautifull civilization whinch fullfills Awanikos hope.

And from that day, especially when Awaniko turned to be 20, he found out that he has the power of a jedi. He helped people between the two of that planet. And the jedis there were started to be called as a Hero. A hero that invented a Starship beyond the Gallaxy. Happy 20th birthday Awaniko, may Allah SWT be with you.



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