Friday, March 28, 2014

Example of Position Paper (Model United Nation, Representing Botswana)

Below is an example of a postition paper that I made for the Model United Nations (Jakarta MUN 2013). I hope it helps for the others that are interested in joining the event related to the MUN.


Country          : Botswana
Topic Area     : Disease following Natural Disaster
  Global Warming, Natural Disaster, and Public Health.
Commitee       : World Health Organization

            Global warming as one of the trending global issues that can cause many natural disaster. With a documented increase in average global surface temperatures of 0.6º C since 1975, Earth now appears to be warming due to a variety of climatic effects. This could cause various problems including an increase of natral disaster. A natural disaster especially in botswana that is mostly happened because of flood or epidemic. This affect many people, & had killed some people after the following Disaster.

Natural disaster that could affect many people in botswana, & especially has killed 470 people because of an epidemic case caused by disaster[1].  Flood are the other natural disaster that affects the people and could cause a major problem in health. Lately, between 16-23 January 2013, heavy rains caused an extensive flooding in the central province of Botswana. Safe drinking water, is one of the most problem that the government must note.

The overall guiding documents for national development in Botswana is vision 2016, a broad based national approach adopted in 1996 focusing on the aspiration of Botswana towards the 50th anniversery of their independence. This cold help to face the public health problem.

1.      Emergency Centre
Refugees are the ones that the government must care of. In a case when a natural disaster occur in that region. An EC (emergeny Centre) from the WHO (world Health Organization must act quickly and build a camp in the middle of people. This camp is like a medical centre that gives medical supplies, so that the refugees caused of the disaster could feel healthier. Beside medical supplies & medical helps, the camp offers flood kits (Raft,life jacket, & other survival pack).  The aim of the program is to help the 338 health in handling the public health proble after the disaster happens.

2.       Disaster Mitigation (Public Health)
The country recall a help form ither country in giving medical service after the disaster. It is important to make sure that the families and people are in a health condition, especially after they caught a disaster. The health test must be done in all region/part of Botswana.

3.      Malaria Protector.
As after the flood, malaria could cause problems. The WHO with help of the government will provide a spray & Fogging for the area that has a big potention in Malaria Disease.


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