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(Annisa Dewanti Putri)
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It's sometimes weird. When we find an argument that flows from an individu. Will it be the wrong one or is it right. This world is to full of mystery. You won't know what happen until it is shown directly and our body could feel it.

An abstract evidence may not convince human to believe it. But still, everyone has their own believe. For me, I still believe in something beyond and maybe hard to be discuss using a logical clause. But yes, fate brings me to this believe. It is strong when we always think about it.

One day, the Book from Jamie King spoked about conspiracy to me. Would you 100% believe in that kind of theory that might be Hoax. Yes, still the truth is relative. Everything that may cause questions will go far beyond answers. 

In which part you are more convinced, than that is what you may hold as a truth. But, the other condition maybe different. Even they're the minority people, believing on such a thing could be something that stucks in their soul. This is what I think one of "The Relative Truth."

Every situation and truth are truly based on something. Something that we call as Relativity.  As well, Einstein always talk about this theory scientifically, some do believe and some doubt about it. As we hear about "The Relative truth" it means that everything could be wrong and right. It depends on the point of view for each people. 

For some example, Stonehenge, as one of the ancient ruins made people discover some of the truth. This construction that is built like a circular ditch maybe caused many questions and different answers.
Some of them said that Stonehenge was the oldest ruins and the pioneer of building structure . This megalithic construction was believed built by some outsider called alien. Meanwhile, Janice Anderson from the book of "World Architecture" said that this enormous stones was built using some primitive tools. Human did it.

We can see something more simple. The same question that we give to some people will result in different statement that they believe too. The relative truth is mainly caused by the atmosphere that we might often feel.

But, the truth that human hold won't last long if they tried to find some different atmosphere. A truth of being in the first house maybe wrong in the second or third house. Same if the truth mainly lays on the second house, the others might look wrong.

Above are some examples of the relative truth that may occur in this world full of mystery. These are just some simple arguments that reveals about the relative truth.
It might be the other sample of "The Relative Truth" when some says "it's right" or "I dont think So" 

Answering a question may lead to Questioning an answer.

yup, everyone has their rights to choose. (adp) 


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