Saturday, September 05, 2015

Past, When the Time Flies

The leaves and the sky (by: Author, 2015)

When is the past?
When the time flies

Involution, evolution, revolution
this is when time flies with the past

It is when you remember
Some kind of memories, lost but still there
A wooden swing may hang on the tree
Seems like moving free
It is the past where it meant to be

While the tree grows high
But, the leaves fell and die.
The ocean looks blue as we saw yesterday
And the skies were brighter then last day
It is when you remember that today is already yesterday

It is now Past..
Seconds are now minutes, then Minutes are now hours
Hours are now days, Days are now months
Months are now years, while years are now Decades
And the end,
realities are now memories

When the time flies..
You realize that the water has turned into ice
he realize that the snow has turned into water
She realize that the wood has turned into paper
And I realize that the reality has turned into memory

Annisa Dewanti Putri 9/06/15


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