Saturday, October 10, 2015

What To Say? (Random Poem)

I Don’t know what to say, Then Ill write what I think these days.
Well sometimes the river just flows.
I am like doing which isn’t one of something that I mus do
Im just like following the trail, Which I should’ve go out if I don’t feel I fit in

But when the time comes and I don’t feel like I am there anymore,
Yes I’ll go and find the better place that I should’ve been there
A place where I get my Passion
A place where I I should be

Is it too late?
No, as long as you beilive in the creator
And your still there, then do the right thing,
Sometimes I feel that im doing it not from my full heart

How can I stand still?
Just see, someday we’ll consider this as our past,
Or maybe we’ll make it as a very disturbing moment
While, we can not say that times fly but sometimes stuck stills
It is only the matter how you treat the world
The matter is that will you learn from this sacrifice you made.
It’s about orientation,

Why are you doing this?
Random things happen
Unpredictible, Unplanned, Yet it’ll show up
As like this random post,

Are we doing it for ourselves our for the others?
The most essential thing to be questioned.
Or maybe we’r doing it for no reason.
No, this world is still in a humanistic view
There is Zon Politicon motives, while
Ego still exist in this world.

Jakarta, 11/10/2015


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