Friday, December 16, 2016

Between The Trees (Poem)

Between The trees. By: Dewan, B5 using Watercolor & 0,5mm DW

Between the trees, You never know
A thousands of beautiful things imagining how to grow
Once there was a rainbow line
Reminding the nature that is fine

Long live the animals, long live the plants
As the water flows it will not pause
As the wind blows the tiny rose

The day becomes white but the sky’s are still blue
The roots starting to shrivel but the trunks are never true

Between the trees the rocks are scattered and formed a crown
Between the dew as the muds turn brown
And now they’re found
A great dynasty between the trees
The wide colonies of humble bumble bees

Beijing, 17/12/2016


  1. Keren meskipun kagak paham betul arti bahasa inggrisnya. Kapan gambar Indonesia lagi?

    1. wahaha insya Allah sekelar ujian balik indonesia ka galih hehe