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Second Semester Course Review: Master of Civil Engineering

Building sketch: SKetching Liangmaqiao. Author 2017

New Semester is coming, back to School (2017). In this post I will review and describe some of courses taken from the second semester in School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Beijing Jiaotong University. Taking the course that requires a 32 credits to graduate until graduation.

Meanwhile the second semester takes 16 credits and has a total of 7 Course. This consist of 4 Major course and 3 additional language and culture Course.
In this article, I will share some description regarding to the courses that we have taken. I will give a general review regarding to the subjects I have taken in the second semester. The courses are not so many like first semester. But the content requires a lot of work and study due to the specific materials of each course.

As we know that Civil Engineering is a very general major related to infrastructure. The course in this semester include the Tunneling, Track engineering, and Steel for the majors related to the civil engineering program. For the main course, it will help the students in understand more to the major field of Civil engineering. Here are the courses:

Information Retrieval (1 Credits)
The next step after the taking course is to conduct a research related to the major taken. In this class, the lecture will start the course in the middle of semester. The materials will include about how to write a research proposal, how to obtain literature and references based on the Universities facility, including online, off line and from library based review.

Track Engineering (2 Credits)
As the school has a main focus on transportation. The study regarding to train and track engineering are some of the related course that supports the development of transportation engineering. In this occasion, track engineering helps us to learn about the train line station technically and generally. The materials included discuss about the part of tracks including subgrade and substructure track and even the whole track system which is the turnout or the station.

Tunnel Mechanics and Engineering (3 Credits)
Tunneling engineering is one of scope in the field of civil engineering. Before the structure built, the understand to the geotechnical matters should be investigated and needs a deep surveying including the soil and rocks. After that, the understanding to the technical procedure of tunneling method is provided in this course to make the students understand the pre construction and after construction of underground engineering related to tunnel.

Steel Structure (2 Credits)
Beside the concrete structure, steel structure plays a crucial role in building structure. It helps in improving the beauty of structure. The strength in resisting the tension force is one of the benefits too. Beside that the failure such as corrosion, buckling, and the matter of ductility will be one of problem. In this subject, the materials will discuss more to the buckling as the general characteristic are discussed in the beginning, then the detailed calculation and design will be conducted next.

Basic Chinese (4 Credits)
The basic Chinese is the next part of the first Basic Chinese which will help us to know the basic Chinese. But in this course it will be more using hanzi or Chinese character rather than using pinyin. The basic knowledge of writing hanzi will be studied here and we will able to know more conversation used in Chinese.

Chinese Spoken English (2 Credits)
This course consist of 2 credits and is not a compulsory course like the other Chinese course. This is to enlarge our spoken ability in chinses. The subjects are mostly to listening and speaking. That’s why the teacher use Chinese in the whole practice to make us more familiar to the environment.

A Survey of Chinese Culture
This subject is more known as a brief Introduction to Chinese Culture. It is more fun and relaxed  because this lecture discusses about Chinese culture. The activities are more to demonstration and in the last session we are given a chance to present our own culture.
Above are the course that are given in the second semester. The other semester will be the summer course which consist of  Sustainable Construction and Reinforced Concrete. The two course will be conducted in one month during the summer holiday.


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