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The Greatest Movie of The Greatest Showman (Movie Review)

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30th of January 2018. Its a bit late from the released date of The day where I dont know what to watch as we planned to watch a movie with some of our cousins. As I already watch Maze Runner, then the next of the so recommended movie that some people were talking about is "The Greatest Showman." I wasn't expecting too high for this kind of Musical movie, maybe Lala land was better than this.

Unexpectedly, the first song beat opens the beginning of the movie. With some dance and choreographs of the circus team, the beat keeps on going until it brings us to the flashback of our main character, Mr. Barnum (Hugh Jackman)  that since kid has struggle from a hard life but never give up and believe in his dreams and imaginations. Until finally he marries his lovable Charity that he admires and lived in a small family, then started to begin his new life after the company that he worked bankrupted.

He decide to borrow money from bank then tried to establish a new business which has a relation to artistically museum. Then, developed to be a more livable performance which has to involve some of unique People with special appearance and performance. The based on true story from an Inspirational nobel awardee P.T Barnum, that has initiated the Baily and Barnum Circus attraction.

IMdb has put a high rating (8/10) to this movie, as it is based on a true story, and has a unique feature in the musical parts. With many choreos, the actress dance and sing very well. As this movie has taught so many valuable lessons for family, dream, and life. The valuable lessons are that everyone can do something big even from nothing.

As this movie has a specialty also on its musical drama style, here are the lists of the Soundtracks that I think all are so meaningful, touchable music and lyrics :
1. The Greatest Show
2. Million Dreams
3. Come Alive
4. The Other Side
5. Never Enough
6. This is me
7. Rewrite The stars
8. Tightrope
9. Never enough
10. From Now on

Overall, this movie will really give a shocking experience on the up and down of PT. Barnums life with all of the dramatic moves and songs.

Annisa Dewanti Putri
31st of January 2019


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