Monday, January 15, 2018

Wasting a Waste

Hutong Sketch. Between tha alley and Recycled Waste. (Author, 2018)

The world is more instant than it used to be before. The more instant it is, the more easier everything can be done. But, the more damaging it can be. This earth is getting more damaged than it was before the humankind start their modern life. Im feeling terrible for the things I have done and waste.

The earth is in a terrible danger. The smarter the human, the simplest way to live, the more the earth is buried down till the bottom. The sea becomes a garbage. The land becomes a landfill. The island becomes something that we only can notice by its smell.

I just realize that im living in this kind of system. Creating negative domino effect for the nature. As the time pass by, the more damage it can be. The more sorrow the earth is about to be. As we race between the time and space.


No, Im still doing the Trillion Waste.

Wake up, yes it is hard to move.
Run, yup its too easy to walk.
Fight, yeah it is more comfy to sleep.
Shout out, hmm it is better to keep quite.

Reciprocity? Yeah, I have to realize, the things that we have eaten.
The things we have thrown
The things we have keep it away
the things we have abandon
The things we have ignore
The things we have forgotten
and the things we have Wasted.

Wasting a Waste.


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