Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Childhood Memories: Playing In the Park

Thankyou Mama Papa for making memories With me

That time, it felt like real. But now, it feels like a dream. As usual, mom woke me up, reminding all of us to go pack our stuffs and go to school. As usual, every day me and my lil brother watchs the continously cartoon which started from Pokemon till hey arnold. Always, nickelodeon is the part of our television memories.

Mom gave us a super delicious choco milk before school. We left her like its just a small range of time. We enjoyed school like we never felt pressured. Doing our class which we like, and as usuall always, my bro is always in the same school with me. Thats why Im always feeling that he's like a twin to me.

Back again home, mommy as always treat us very well and healthy. She smiles and get mad at the same time but yes her instinct never fails us to love her coz she loves us so much. In the evening,  it was always a great day as mom sometimes brings us to take a walk in the park. The memories are still stuck quitely in this head.

It just felt like yesterday. The park was behind the residential complect, in which we just need a little walk to reach it. We enjoyed the time day by day and that time, iv never realized that actually mom has kept so many struggle and hard feelings in her life. Its just that she is too strong hiding between her smile and beautifull face until now.

Playing in the park makes us free like kids that has found its own wonderland to be discovered together. My brother is always a partner for me since childhood as we always share many stuffs together. Even the dolls and cars are always our friends.  I remembered that his favorite doll is Thomas the train and Tasmania.

While for me, i really like the piglet doll and i have many favorite other ones which i always bring it when we have a flight. Back to the park, the grass are soft, sands are laying brown trying to say that its okay to fall coz it doesnt hurt in the sandbox.

We enjoyed the singles space, as mom brought us home. Giving us time to wait for daddy. He usually a person that we always greet when the bell rang. And yes, our small family in a small town out there created simple joy of happiness and memories. 

Till now, even I looked that its not the same. Their hairs are turning white, they oftenly talk alot, and even they are suffering in some sickness. I will always remember and pray for them. Because they are the story of our life.

When i memorized the stories,

16th of June 2021


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