Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Relativity of Emotion

relativity of emotion. By: resketsa, 2021

Once upon a time. The enermous wound may not feel any pain, while the tiny wound might felt like triple pain. Back again, its all about relativity. Once upon a time, we can say that this kind of emotion means alot to some people, while the others thinks its simple thing. Back again, the relativity of emotion.

A single simple joy from a kid might comes from a smile from a cat. Yeah, the cat can not smile as we see like in the cartoon. But their meow says that its smiling. The kid is happy and enjoys the fluffy pet. It might be different with those people eating while the cat jumps to get what is pleasured dined in the plate. It might be a disaster for their feelings. Yeah abit talking like this "Inside out" animation. Yes, its relativity emotion.

It might make us realize, that once we can not underestimate what everyone feels of something we maybe dont feel. Its scary for some people, while its exciting for us. Something different, cause we know that every one is special and not the same. This inlcudes the relativity of Emotion.

Im writing this for a reminder for myself also, that respect to every creatures emotion and feelings as it is a part of respect to ourself. We may not expect that in someday, our body, our heart or even our thoughts are in the same position on the people that we might not understand, but yeah that time will make us totally understand. Again, its the power of "The Relativity of Emotion."

This makes us realize, that no matter what happens, in what position, whenever we are, whereever we are, appreciate one another even we're not in the same point. Because we realize that each point of coordinate this world are totally different. Its the coordinat of X, Y, and Z. Which this also create Relativity, and this also include the relativity of emotion.

Simple thoughts of 26th of March 2021