Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Sirenes Everywhere: There'll be always a Hope

To see how Life still worth it to be fighting For. Author, May 2021

Hope. Its something nowadays people will keep to survive in this kind of a year. Note, that within today and after, as you can survive the condition of this pathicfull endemic, then be grateful, it is something that many people has been taking care of.

If you are an indonesian, then you probabily understand how the sound of sirenes that rangs every single time or even each hour of a time. Feeling locked down. But still have to ensure that this kind of condition is not the best that people might encounter.

In every single stories, the people have they're own struggle in facing this global pandemic which it hasnt end untill this time Im writting some of the perspectives about them. Tell, some struggle with their breath as the Virus has threaten their lungs and bodies.

Besides, the virus has attacked them with different kind of symptons, while some may survive in their own house, while some can not take it still and currently need some specific treatment. In Which these days, the hospital and medical treatment are all full of what we call as overload patience.

The medical resource are out of range, as they cannot fullfill the demands from the society with specific treatments. The patients are scattered, as the conditions are more than worse. When can people see blue and green which matters. As the beautifull air are what the things we are looking.

This so called pandemic may traumatized many people medically, physically, even deeply. As in this kind of situation, many of their loved ones passed away due to this condition of pandemic. Who knows, the people that seems okay will in some case hit by this kind of disease. Feeling hurt, or even, these days we easly get sad and sorrow news from the people of our circles.

Its something more over getting possible and more possible. To be strong and gratefull is something that we must keep. To be thankfull of what we have, rather than what we lost. A condition where we must be aware and struggle more for the possibilty that might happen.

Until now, who you are, you are the strong one that can make it till now. And remember to be strong for the others, as we are on this together.

It is You, the strongest person that you can imagine you are.


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