Friday, August 06, 2021

Epilogue: Working in The High Speed Railway Project

At this time, 3 Pm, Jakarta Time, Im currently thinking of writing a bit of my personal carrier life after I graduate. This day is Friday, so rare because today, no meetings regarding to my work. So finally, I decide to write a bit that might be a further story for this world. Currently, Im working in the Jakarta Bandung High Speed Railway, more to the Consultant Design from China. Luckily, my previous University has played a great role for me in being in this Railway Company.

Well, my previous University in China is well known as a transportation University. Meanwhile, I graduated from the school of Civil Engineering and Architecture. This department even has a train replica in front of its building faculty, so no wonder the graduates mostly are involved in a related train stuffs. Therefore, the name of my university plays a great role in my position of career right now. Even there's a day where my teacher went to visit the company and met me.

For a brief introduction, well this project is name As The Jakarta Bandung High-speed Railway (JBHSR) which is one of the first High-speed railway in South East Asia. This consist of many companies including the construction, signaling, electric, government, consultant, supervision, all between Indonesia and China. With a joint named High Speed Railway Consortium (HSRCC) which I guess consist of more than ten companies from the two countries. This is as one of the answer for the Belt, Road Initiatives or well known as "One belt, one road."

So, when we all decide to be here, prepare to get your circle bigger and unknown. This will be possible as you will be connected to many kind of majors and companies that are involved to this project. So its not only to meet different kind of person, but also different kind of company, sectors and majors. Possible things might happen in your job desk.

Walini Tunnel, 2020

The Buildings are Everywhere

I am currently in the Building Department since the beginning of my work. It supposed to focus only on architecture matter, even though Im a civil engineer. But I think the Chinese people consider me to fit on the esthetic as the structure matters are more complicated than we imagine. Yeah, but dont think it wrong, we still need to connect between the architecture, Structure, and even MEP (Mechanical, Electricity, and Plumbing) matters.

The majors are all connected somehow, even outside the building department, we should also follow up to other major including roadbeds, tracks, tunnel, bridge, signalling etc. All is one. And we have to be ready to be ready to not dive in only one focus, but even being a generalistic might give more impact to this problem.

Next, the project of this 142,9 Kilometers long has so many section. For building Department, we are in charge in the Station which consist of Halim, Karawang, Walini, Padalarang, and also Tegalluar. More over, the Depot Tegalluar is also our responsibility, In addition, the auxiliary buildings are also our scopes ahead. And finally, the Interval buildings which is the signaling House scattered along the tracks are also the buildings with a total more than 70 points.

We can imagine on how this mega project is complicated enough to involve so many parties. One motivation that pops out from my head is that we should be grateful and keep firing. As remember, this is the way we can contribute for our country as this is one of the National Strategic Project for Indonesia. And what we're expecting is to do so many transfer knowledge beside, especially take the positive points, and forget about the negative things. That is how life goes on positively.

 6th of August 2021, Annisa Dewanti Putri, 天蓝,


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