Sunday, September 05, 2021

Pin it: Don’t Judge a book from its Cover

Bunch of Books, By Author: 2020

A general thing that we many hear in many quotes for respecting each other. Even in some Dharmann studios Contents if you may search, this key quotes has been the content for some of their short films. Generally it’s trying to say that we are not supposed to think something the way it seems. Probably, there are many untold stories behind that might don’t seem like it used to be like.

Especially to think positively, the meaning of ‘don’t judged the book by its cover’ will in some case drives people to think that there is always a reason for what is happening. Also, sometimes we need to get to know more then can judge it by our own. Not just by seeing and experiencing it for a while and do as we know it all already.

As like a book, a dirty pale book might look bad, but if we haven’t seen the content yet, maybe it still has so many epic and valuable things inside of it as we read it deeply. This analogy will be the same as our way of life. Whether to nature, between humans, or also what happens on the rest of our life.

Between humans, as we have to respect no matter who they are and how they look like, or even how they seems like and why would they do as. There is a reason and always a story for what they have. So, never think it badly especially negatively as we have not read and know all of the things inside.

Also the main reason of life, the way it happens, and the result we get. Allah knows the best for all its creation to happen on what’s the best. But generally, we as humans will only judge the good things that may happen as the best for them. How about what seems bad happens, we’ll think that it’s all bad, but then we forget that even the bad things will be the best thing that may happen as Allah is the best planner of the life.

So no matter what happens, don’t judge the book by its cover, and think for all the good things that may be in the book.


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