Friday, October 08, 2021

Between the Cliffs

Nightskething the cliff, by: Author 2021


Running beside the walls, trying to seek out what is more extreme

Through the stream line, discovering what is left for the borders

While the cliffs are invisible, scattered no wander beneath

 Till the end, we stood admiring the horizon

Looking at the edge of nowhere

Till we see, above are only the nebula around the milky way

Troubles and fears are like to searching for the day

no wander, the cliff has warn the edge to stay a way

As like the months, decades, finally when it comes the day

The others fade while the sky stay clear

It is the time where the wind flies high

searching for the remaining leaf to woosh so never stay

It is the path for the colorful landscape

where the eyes flow along the imagination

seeking the best symphony of what the harmony flows

The cliff where it never ends

Just between the cliff..


Between the night and Cliff,

8th of October 2021


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