Saturday, October 16, 2021

Dune: Explore the Future Desert

courtesy: Imax, Dune 22th of October

Dune, as it is released on October 2021. This movie is adapted from the Novel from Frank Herbert, as the complicated story and family tree from each character, he has given a single story line that consist of so many House of Kingdom. Name Paul. as the first Character from the House of Atreides. There are other house told in the movie including House Atreides, Boro family, House Corrino, House Ecaz, House of Fenring, House Hagal, and House of Ginaz. 

The focus in this story will be Paul from the House of Atreides which has vission to the future of many incidents. Once, the house landed in the Desert Planet where the Freeman tribes live. The tribes of the deserts which survive in the sand storm, desert worm, heat etc. The story is told that Paul, as the son of Lord of the Atreides has been put as the chosen one to once protect the desert.

On the journey, his father and Kingdom has taught him many skills of Strategies and skill fighting, as one it will be the time for him to survive as he is one of the chosen one and called as the Lisan Al-Ghaib, the one that can vision the future of what he saw.

The Boro Family, as it has the power and Brutality in facing their allies. Has trapped the Atreides and has been set to trait the emperor constellation and policy. In which, in an event the Atreides House when in duty dealing with the Spice, the armies are attacked and the Lord of Atreides is kidnapped and decided to make a suicide by breaking the tooth with explosive massive. 

The next adventure will be focusing on how Paul the Duke will survive with his mother, and using his vision, he'll meet many familiar warriors which will help him to go for victory from zero again for the justice of the desert. As the act from some characters, one of it Duncan (Jason Momoa) has sacrifice his self for their life as the armies are attacking. Moreover, Chani (Zendaya) as one of the Freeman which appears in Pauls vision will be one of a character that will help him to fight.

Experience the Desert

Beside the story-line, the movie is quite epic as it has brought us to an enormous desert scene full of sand storm, sand wave, solar shine, desert creatures, and heat scene. The visual graphic are well pictured as it gives a wide experience to explore the desert.

Imagine the scene where they are lack of water, and with the help of a water filter, a single spit from the droplets are more than a precious thing that we can get from the water. The scene where the Giant Desert Worms try to swallow the entire Ship for Spice. As the dust are the main setting accessories for each scenes, also the desert mountain and rocks has played a crucial role to cover the setting.

With a supportive audio setting, it also has given the movie a quite cinematic shot for all the heroic and sad scenes. Dolby has fully accommodate the movie to be more thrilling as it comes the scene in action and in the angle of aerial shot, with some angle to zoom shot. With a mix to the sci-fi mode, the visual effects in the space and planets will truly entertain all sci-fi lovers.

Overall, the Movie will bring us to some of complicated scenes, but in the end will trigger us to keep watching to see the continuous scene on the how the main character can survive and lead again the rebellion for the desert from zero.


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