Thursday, January 05, 2023

Peoples Golden Hour

Golden Hour, Author 2022

Golden Hour might mean different for eachdifferent people. As a state of science, it's a period of time just after sunrise or before sunset, which when the light infused to the red, yellow, and blue tone, creating a new specific tone of color.  A unique moment and phase where people can imagine they're different position of life. It has its own meaning for its own time.

Overall, this reflects different feelings and memories of people which they experience different kind of situation, position, condition, and even point of view. In some stories, they imagine they're golden hours as a time sequence where they are enjoying their time with their parents. The time where they are told some stories of the past or even their struggle. Even some of bad or good things that may occur.

A time where we can wonder different transition between the two days of hour. A time which defines the great scenery and view which represents the mixed space and time to wonder. A moment to give the best place of life between the stories of humans.

Once upon a time, the red, purple, and orange are discovered to merge between the different time. Creating a super precision of life. Wondering the best season of time, which has given the best time for each experience between night and day.

In an adventure of lifetime, giving the scenario of a wonderful storyline between the city line, and the panoramic day of life. Adventure of a lifetime might give the best scene between the golden hours of every person in life. Between the day and time.

Here on, the night may become one with the day, as like the golden hour, the people day by day along the dark and light. Just like the memories created between the people on their memories in the golden hour.


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