Monday, April 03, 2023

Value: The biggest Why

Original Cover of Viktor Frankls Book. Source: AbeBooks

Have you ever thought of why we can survive in some condition. Even people in jail may survive from what they think as the biggest disaster in their life without no hope anymore. There is a Book that explains about this anomaly, "The man searching for Value." A book from Victor Frankl, one of a psychology from the tragedy of Camp Auschwitz has shown his journey in surviving in the hard time those days when NAZI invades.

It could be very challenging for us to re over think and imagine in those condition, as we have never been in those chaotic situations and condition. But in this phase, Frankl has shown the condition as he survive as an observer for that kind of situation. In that condition where he learns that the most human that can survive, and lives longer are the ones that still have inner motivations and values to survive and not to lose hope.

But in some of a case, there we see a person that is stressed out cause being asked by one of a soldier from the camp about his most precious thing. And there he answered his Degree Certificate, and in that time the soldier just ripped his document and the person feel weak and stands with no hope.

Therefore, Victor Frankl has pointed out that the most important grand why that happens may be the source of the motivation for a person to survive in every kind of situation. This also will happen to everyone in the world, in which they will find their biggest motivation in doing every single thing in our journey. Everyone is capable in facing their challenge as long as they know the value of what they are doing. 

Then, logotherapy has been shown by Viktor Frankl to give people perspective ways in creating they're purpose and object value of their life to make them fearing challenges for what they can do. Overall, the book will bring you to open your eyes in searching for meaning of life to encounter problems of life which is the biggest why of our life, as known as Value and Meaning.


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