Sunday, April 23, 2023

The Unseen Stars

The Fade out Constellation. Source: Author, 2023

Once upon a night, as the light comes out, it is hard to see the stars, within the lights surrounded by the space and time. Modernism and urbanism has beaten all up the natural light, disconnecting the starlight, fading the aurora of the night within the unseen stars. Even urbanism has created a new version of brightness by the city of light. As the matter of time, the sky of light has decrease within its meaning, not like what it has used to be seen.

The constellation has disappeared within bare eyes. The stars have created its own life within outer space for a way from the life of light. Humankind probably forget about how the constellation has given a direction within the destination of what they usually depend on. The sailor has its own Global Positioning System (GPS) with completed high tech of 5G network, with many other supporting tools and kits to gadgets and Information Technology.

Now, it is hard to see what you used to see in the darkness. where you in sometimes have seen people talking about how the lights guides you in the night. How you define what it comes when you need the limits within nothing you don't have, including the stars and lights they used to be. The shining star where mankind usually counts within the other blinking stars.

Its now more the city of light, within our eyes, among the sky, deep high, and only with the unseen stars, we probably forget that those small stars, are the biggest that can shine inside the galaxy, constellation with the space and time.

Even the matter of speed of light only comes to do within the Sci-Fi Mode, or in some of a scientifical consideration. Not Knowing wether they disapear, but now its hard to see with bare eyes. The beauty of the shining star, the unseen stars, and even the stars within space and time.

23rd of April 2023

West Java, Beneath the Unseen Stars


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