Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Beyond Space and TIme

The analogy of different Point of View to the space and Time

Wonder how the universe has moved since millions of years. Discovering the enormous things surrounding different part of space. How you can define the different cosmic which relies in the same vision. Discovering the same verse, non of unseen things, only rely on the data and imaginations, between the infinity constellations.

Its all over beyond our thoughts. But the imagination has passed space and time. Creating delusional and illusional image of life. Dunked in the last projection, back again, its all about perception. Relativity as one of the connections to the unthoughtful thoughts.

As the space were engraved with a thousand of millions of stars. Has made us forgotten on how small we are in the earth.  As we are too big for an atom, but small below the universe. A different view within different space of time has created is simple scheme of different perception.

As seen form a different point, the person will face the different space and time. As imagination will bring their thoughts think with different mind mapping. As perception has synthesize different look for each position within space and time. While the space can be bigger within what we think it is smaller. And this happens vice versa.

Along the time also, relativity has fused within the perception of different position of angle and perspective. Whether we sat its fast or getting slower than it used to be. The speed of light has transformed into what we are expecting to be slower than ever.

The beyond thoughts on how we can't imagine on only relies on our imagination, that within space and time, the perception of space, time and life is no wonder beyond than any usual information that ever comes. As the light beam shoot straight up, and speeds on different time within different space. As that will happen on and on again till beyond the space and time.

28th of June 2023


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