Friday, November 17, 2023

The Story of the Yellow Bicycle

Hi Yellow monkey cycle illustration. (Author,2023)

Once upon a time, there lived some yellow cycles.

Riding together, passing the lake, 

saying Hi to each other's race.

Following the trial, the roads to each learning space

Live the day, as the sunny sun ray 

Like a wind, the turbo cycle went through the road.

As it feels fun, let it flow, chasing the wind together.

feeling the race vibes with the others,

suddenly, the yellow bicycle meets a motorcycle.

It began to slip, to its wrong trial,

heading to face the road, meeting and hugging the trail again.

while it hurts, but the kindness around cures the pain

The wound day by day creates memories near the train

But all the goodness still lives in the veins

As it till, even it seems scare, 

but hope someday, when the chill calm dare

to overcome and let it flow,

say Hi again to the yellow Bicycle,

as it has taught the riders to be grateful

For in till now, with a wide smile everyday

has create the other smile to ride a cycle again someday.

Alhamdulillah for all the stories,

and all the memories

for very day teaching many wonderful sceneries

with many part of grateful histories

18th of November 2023


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