Sunday, November 12, 2023

To the strip and the Promised Land

Ilustrasi Sketsa Kubah Shakhrakh (Dome of the Rock), Al-Aqsha. (Penulis 2023)

In the day when the world realized.

In the time where it happened.

The streets full of blood,

and the ground full of mud

A small launcher along the tiny missiles

talking to each other and starting to kill one another.

The prayers flow along the deserts

while on the other side the parties enjoyed by the leaders

Some people ignore and some people care.

no matter how the screams flee forever there.

While the outburst, explosion, fireworks happen ever.

every time, no matter where even in a small mosque near the hospital there

cause they don't feel and care, or even have they ever felt of dying.

Once in a lifetime, never wake up, for the afterlife waiting.

or even how it felt the pain may cause the regret.

of the nightmare for what they've done

Who stands up and even doing a thing?

or doing nothing,

a big or a single thing 

at the end will mean something

even when we are just listening and thinking.

for what's happening

12th of November 2023

 For Gaza, Palestine and the Surroundings.


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