Friday, July 10, 2015

A Poem of a Package

An ilustration by me

I rarely write poems.
 Its not what Im good of. But yup, it doesn't mean because your not feeling good of it then you don't wanna try it. This is about a package that i try to order. Not really important, but the thing that I order makes me awaits.

Waiting is the enemy of time. And, yeah my time perception thinks that this time is getting faster. Luckily the bugs from the "Epic" one of this animated movie shows that bugs has a slow perception of time, that is why they can escape fast when we tried to slap them. Okay, Im not gonna talk about this film. The point is time and waiting. Just like waiting this package.

Do you ever buy something indirectly maybe by an online shop or social media. In this era, that is called Cyber-shopping.  Cool right, it's all about cyber that may solve problems and may cause problems. This random post is dedicated for you Package. A package that I ordered by online. RANDOM. This is a Random Post.

Hereby, I wrote this poem for you Package


Dear Package, 
will a letter delivered by mail say "Dear me?"
But no, this time is not a letter for me.
A letter or a package, 
this world is full of package,
its delivery really needs to be managed

getting lost, while the other waits..
waiting for this package.
A package that could ride me to the world.
A world that may give silence,
or the world that may bring me to crowd.
A space where we never been
or the place that I have visitted only in my dream.

Or maybe it could make me different,
at that time not being as me.
but only at that time.
Im still me, its just when I explore my imagination

Yeah, this package is a book.
Not only A BOOK, but some books.
Wait and see, a review maybe

Duren Sawit, 11th of July 2015

A code from me for some of my new random posts.
Yeah, if they have arrived, Ill make some book reviews from it.


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