Thursday, March 01, 2018

Family, That's what it Matters

Masjid Al-azhar, Jakarta. By: Dewanti, 2017

We start to open our eyes with the smile of our mom.
We begin to walk with the support of our dad.
We try to learn with our brothers and sister.
They are all what it matters.

Then in the  new place, we start to help each other with different friends.
We start to work with other colleagues.
We start something that is new for life.
New love and new family.

We went back to hug our greatest family.
We saw them from the smile and gave us a so called home.
Our parents, their smile, every thing form their heart.

It began from a small heart that brings you to a new journey.
But in the end your heart miss the home more.
The love from where you begin.
The love where you can get hugs and kisses for free.

The love from family,
That's what it matters.

Even this city is bad till now, but here is where I was born.
Where I start my new memories with all my lovely family.
Home Sweet Home,
Jakarta, 2nd of March 2018.

From the one that will miss you all the most


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