Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Because Im Also a Human

“A heart, something that is unpredictable, something that we call as abstract feelings, something that is in a human being.”

A human that tried the best to give the smile to the world. Something that people call as domino effects, positive vibes, and even positive influences. It always depends on our heart. Trying to say that I am okay, and you are also okay. A smile with optimistic believe that you can give good impacts to the world, and so will you.

It looks easy to sometimes give people motivations and spirit. But, humans are still humans. Did you realize that one day, a smile can also fade out. Not in front of people, but from the smile itself. It is easy to always keep the smile for the people. But yeah it’s hard to keep the smile for ourselves.

The change to what happen to a different phase of life gives you a new memory. While, sometimes it feels like a blink on an eye. The memories becomes just stories. While humans are wandering of what will happen in the future. I also miss the past, the memories inside of it, especially the smile of the people inside of it.

The hardest part is to leave the people in the memories, but yeah as they said, life must go on right. It is very weird yet annoying, that our smile fades because of this. Becoming the person that we don’t use to be. Missing people inside the story.

Time flies, sometimes you need to forget yourself, and let the others replace what it should be. Remember, the blessings to keep back the smiles. Remember that the blessing are bigger than the problem. That is what this human should remember.

Realize, that the world weren’t all about materials, but the other values that may pop out with unexpected humans and feelings around it. Yes, still to notice, that because I’m still a human, and maybe in some points I might lose the smiles from this and I hope to bring it back again. 

Not perfect, cannot always be positive, not that easy to be what we want to be. Because, I’m also a human.

But still for that smile, to highlight it all, to make you realize

"that your blessings are bigger than your problem."


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